Yug restaurant has been delighting customers with its recipes for many yeas. (since 1963). 
Yug its a pioneer in vegetarian food in Mexico City and has become a place of reunion for those who love good eating 
Many of the recipes are famous and you have and excellent choice of Mexican and not so Mexican vegetarian dishes. 
Some of the specialities you can try are: soy meat burger, taquitos al pastor, Yug salad, Mediterranean salad, great varieties of fresh fruit juices and free alcohol beer and wine  
Please come visit us at Varsovia 3-b, Col. Juarez, Mexico City. We are located very near paseo de la reforma and just one block away from el angel de la independencia (independence angel) 
  •      We also offer every day a vegetarian buffet 
  •      On Sundays you can try our breakfast buffet. 
  •      A different menu every day. 
  •      Nutritious. 
  •      Vegetarian. 
  •      Taste.

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